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The Wolf Connection What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human

The wolf has enthralled humankind for millennia, as a creature to be both feared and admired. It is the focus of countless myths around the world, in cultures as varied as the Ainu people of Japan to the Apache First Nation elders who worshipped the wolf.  Now in The Wolf Connection, Teo Alfero, shaman and wolf conservancy founder, shares the profound knowledge that can be gleaned from these majestic creatures to restore our bond with nature and our connection to humanity.


Legends, behavioral science, and biological research all suggest that human beings picked up many of their key evolutionary traits—such as cooperative hunting and raising of their young, and their high degree of emotional intelligence and deep bonding—from wolves. Teo and his team at Wolf Heart Ranch conservatory have seen first-hand how wolves and wolf-dogs can shift people’s outlooks, empowering at-risk youth and benefitting people from all walks of life through their wolf therapy program, the Wolf Connection. As we restore our ancestral bond with these inspiring, resourceful beings, we begin to reclaim the best of what it means to be human.


Grounded in Teo’s years of working with wolves, as well as the findings of wolf biologists and the wisdom of First Nation elders, The Wolf Connection offers a set of twelve Wolf Principles to awaken our intuition, live more authentically, and heal from past trauma. By integrating a myriad of sources – including inspiring stories from the Wolf Heart Ranch – Teo provides a complete understanding of wolves and the lessons they have to teach us, so you can harness their powerful and transformative insights in your own life.

"With heart and soul, Alfero digs deep into the psyche of the wolf, as well as its biology, ecology and behavior, then shines what he has learned back on humans. In the process he comes up with a way forward for both species, a connection of sorts, that will help people come to grips with their inner selves, troubled or not, but in the end his message helps both humans and the wolves. Using the teachings of Carlos Castaneda as inspiration, this book is rich with meaning, emotion and spirit, wolf sprit not just human. A must read."

Douglas Smith
Director of the Yellowstone Wolf Project

"Teo’s moving and spiritual book is a tonic for our times. It’s a potent blend of experience, history, mysticism, mythology and evocative story-telling. But above all it’s a journey of re-connection to our original partners: the wolves. Read it and pass it on."

Rick Jaffa
Producer and Writer

"The Wolf Connection by Teo Alfero is riveting on so many levels. My heart and humanity burst reading the stories of how interactions with the wolves in his sanctuary, healed broken and challenged souls. I got lost in the meticulously researched anthropology and myth of indigenous people’s history with wolves and the natural world. My soul stirred as Teo shared decades of wisdom from his own training and experience in shamanic arts. You will be transformed in mind, body and spirit by reading (and experiencing) this book. Take a few deep breaths, settle in, and take a very worthwhile journey."

Mark Silverman
Author of “Only 10s” and the upcoming “Mastering Midlife, How To Thrive When The World Asks The Most of You.

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