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More than ever before, the word is in need of leaders with capacity. Leaders need the support of a container and a set of practices that trains their attention, increases their emotional, energetic and psychological capacity and promotes mental and emotional clarity. You need the ability to move seamlessly back and forth between multiple settings, business, politics, public opinion, intimacy, family.

It’s one thing to build the capacity of the human body.

But I’m interested in building your ability to carry the capacity of the planet, the capacity of a mountain, the capacity of a pack of wolves.

That is what I teach.

It’s my honor to share it with you

The Natural State

This sensation that people call intuition or inner knowing, that for a lot of people is an illusive, every once in a while occurrence... Those are our natural states, that over the years we have been replacing with technology.

Practical Consciousness

Our ancestors relied on that endless creativity, that feeling of communion with the natural world, they relied on those things to survive. So when I say that I teach Practical Consciousness, I help my students access those birth rites to directly apply them in their daily life.

Presence & Clarity

Imagine your decisions are more focused and more precise, your purpose in life and your mission become more clear. And your overall presence is palpable. You walk in the room and there is a field that you carry, a magnetism, a respect that you command that is both intentional an humble.

The art of the master is in being able to walk with one foot in each world.

One foot walks in the human world, the other foot walks in the realm of the infinite. And in the friction between the two is the magic and the wildness.

What I offer


Teaching Circle

In early 2020, I began leading guided journeys as an antidote to the frenzy of that time. A community was built and the journeys continue now on each New and Full Moon. My team has gathered the 60+ journeys and put them into a curated library. Get the lift you need for your day to day life. Access a deeper, more sustained energy source. Calibrate your nervous system.
This is a great starting point for anyone curious about energetic and consciousness practices. And anyone wanting to begin working with me.

Foundational Course

The Threshold

I work with teachers and the leaders of our world who are standing at the precipice of their own next level. I work with those ready for a new level of awareness and energetic connections beyond what the mainstream world makes available for us.
This 3 month journey is for those who are ready to start the deep work with me. This is not foundational spirituality but rather the foundations of how I follow energy. Launching in early 2023. Message my team (email to [email protected]) to find out more.


The Cave

Your Ultimate Spiritual Retreat

Join myself and my Master’s Continuum Students for our second retreat in Spring 2024. At The Cave, you will be guided by experienced practitioners and teachers into a powerful opening to spirit. Why? Because our human lives get exponentially better when we are open to spirit. Whether your current focus is on shifting your career, taking your relationship to the next level, healing family wounds, or preparing to write a book, this event will expand your capacity to both create and face anything that arises in the process.

1:1 Coaching

Individual Journey

I choose my one-on-one students based on their presence, their resolve, and most importantly their impact in the world. Their desire and their craving to make a difference in the life of others.
My students experience a massive increase in awareness, their perception of life, and this carries and extremely powerful imprint in their actions, their decisions, their way of being, their way of presenting themselves, their presence that they carry in all areas of their lives. From relationship, to family, to business, to igniting their creativity, igniting their inner knowing, their intuition.
Individual work is truly about imprint, the pathways and the gates that I open for my students for their impact and influence.

We have endless creativity.

Simply put, humans are designed to perceive and experience far more than what we are used to in our everyday life.

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retreats organized all over the world and healed ancestral wounds
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people inspired, helped & coached to get to their natural state


Rich Litvin

Teo Alfero is an extraordinary spiritual leader and mentor.
He’s taken me on a deep and unorthodox journey over the past 7 years. He’s helped me see aspects of my persona that I’d never seen before – and I have worked with some of the very best professionals in this field.
Teo is unusual in the world of professional growth and professional development in that he’s built a business by word-of-mouth alone, which speaks volumes for the impact he has on his clients.
I don’t pass his name on to you lightly because, quite selfishly, I’d prefer him to remain a best kept secret.
If you are a world influencer who has accomplished a lot and yet you still feel unfulfilled, then I highly recommend you schedule time for a conversation with Teo.
If you crave something more but you know deep inside that continued accomplishment in the material world will not fill that void and if you are ready to find your true path to deep inner piece, happiness and freedom, then you owe it to yourself to spend time with this incredible man.

Jennifer Ziegner

I am more patient, loving and compassionate with people in my life.

The work with Teo has given me access to a new depth of wisdom that flows through me in my work with my coaching clients, which enables me to serve them more powerfully than ever before.

Before we worked together, I was mainly driven by my mind. Today, I feel a profound connection to spirit in my everyday life and I am attuned to and guided by my body’s perception. The integration of all these aspects of my being has enabled me to create my life here in the most beautiful way – and it feels more effortless, fun and juicy than ever before!

I would not be the woman I am today had it not been for my work with Teo.

Amy Harris

Before my work with Teo, I was an admired leader, but my inner world was a mess of emotions, spiritual jargon, past trauma and confusion. Now my inner world is clear, I know how to work with the feelings, emotions, energies as they are arising in me. I am a better leader, better mother, better lover, better friend.

Working with Teo, is a lot of fun. The work is deep and intense and it is woven with belly shaking laughter and surprises. Teo is clear, clean, respectful and focused in his teachings. It is a treat and an honor to study with him.

Nicholette Routhier

When I started working with Teo, my life was great—I had a solid job, a good place to live, and I was happy. But something felt like it was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Now, after two plus years with Teo, I’ve cultivated energetic sovereignty. I’ve deepened a connection to the part of me that is beyond human and I bring it as a gift to my experience of being human.

Teo is the most generous teacher I’ve ever had. He’ll go into the weeds with me, and he’ll also be ruthlessly honest about the work I need to be doing.

Janet Douglas

Working with Teo has been a gift for my future and the future of my family and my clients. I am forever changed as a result of Teo’s teachings, guidance, and support on my journey. His willingness to get straight to the heart of the issue and enabled me to pull together other teachings and weave the tapestry of my unique gifts into something bigger and better than I ever thought possible. I now feel safe in embracing the mystery, the fear, the gratitude, the pleasures, and the glory of the gifts that this incarnation has to offer. The best part is that this is only the beginning; I know I have barely scratched the surface of what is to come when I remain open and connected. I am deeply moved by Teo’s generosity and ability to hold a container – they are beyond measure.

About Teo

More about me

I have pledged my life to the expansion of consciousness through over 20 years of deep study of shamanic practices, teaching groups and individual students.
I serve people from all walks of life from community leaders, spiritual teachers, celebrities and CEOs to inner city youth, formerly incarcerated individuals and veterans through Wolf Connection, the non-profit organization I founded 14 years ago. I am the author of The Wolf Connection, What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human.
I work with energy pathways and configurations that are at cosmic and spiritual levels, but have a very practical application in our everyday life. This creates an alignment, a life that is intrinsically bold, and strong and present, intentional and powerful in ways that are hard to conceive.