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"Wild for me means being in your heart because the heart is already wild. It is already abundant, already progressive, loving, inclusive, giving, generous, and collaborative. It’s just that we rarely lead from that place; we rarely trust that place. This is what wolves teach us…to lead from our hearts. We need only to receive their message." 

The Wolf Connection What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human

Discover the transformative lessons from one of humanity's oldest teachers -- The Wolf -- with this enthralling and accessible guidebook to help us restore our connection with nature, our communities, and our deepest selves. Available in hardback, ebook and audio.

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Wolves have helped humans for millennia. Teo facilitates those life lessons through individual and group coaching, programs and intensives for those who are ready to expand their lives as well as those around them.

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Teo's dream vision ... instruction from Wolf spirit was that he was not to keep these lessons to himself. Therefore he shares some of the messages in his books, some in programs … and some free of charge here.  

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Teo leads with his heart. In his roles as author, speaker, teacher, coach, husband, father and CEO of Wolf Connection, he has the  unique ability to see into the being before him ... and lead them to their own path of heart.

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4 Things the Wolves Taught Me


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