Hello and Welcome

I am Teo Alfero. I have pledged my life to the betterment of humanity. Every breath I take, every beat of my heart is dedicated to raising humanity’s consciousness. I find tremendous joy in witnessing humans wake up. 

For the last 25 years, I have facilitated and guided people from all walks of life into the infinite possibilities available to each one of you as your birthright. 

Consciousness is no longer the purview of gurus and masters at the top of the mountain. Research shows that conscious leaders innovate, create lasting enterprises and inspire people beyond their human capabilities.

Consciousness is literally the next level, whether it is global issues such as climate change, hunger, literacy, health, or environmental conservation, consciousness is the path to a great future for all of us. 

I am reflecting on my next level of teachings to usher world leaders and teachers into a new chapter for individuals, and local and global communities.

All these insights will be on this website in due time, once the download is complete. In the meantime to get in touch with me please email my team.

I look forward to a meaningful, transformational conversation.