Teo Alfero
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The Wolf Connection

What Wolves Can Teach Us About Being Human
The Approach of a wolf...

… subtle, almost in slow motion, confident, and decisive, seeking connection on her own terms – can stretch time, open the heart, and awaken the soul. Her deep unwavering amber eyes locked on you, seeking through you, have a disarming effect. In striking shades of white, brown, gray and black, this perfectly engineered predator moves gracefully, effortlessly, each bone and muscle connected, alert, and in balance. Her massive paws spread over the ground with each step she takes towards you, projecting a wave of power that hits you long before she is near.”


An Anthology on Consciousness, Dreaming and Heart

As human beings, we are capable of experiencing exquisite joy, profound wonder and infinite possibilities. Yet, many of us wrestle with insecurities and confusion in the absence of ancestral and inner knowledge. In this anthology, the master students of community leader, spiritual teacher and shamanic practitioner Teo Alfero unveil the capacity and abilities they have accessed through their years of individual and collective study and exploration of human and non-human consciousness. Introduced by Alfero’s teachings, Transmission offers a pathway to claiming your power, connecting with spirit, and dreaming your life impeccably. 

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